Saving Newborn Lives Initiative


Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children


Upgrading Neonatal Equipment at Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children.

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The Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children, a specialized tertiary referral hospital and training center, serves Da Nang City and the surrounding provinces of the central region. However, the lack of sufficient neonatal equipment is affecting the hospital’s ability to adequately provide care to the large number of neonatal patients and provide training to health care workers in surrounding provinces. In order to improve neonatal care quality, enhance care capacity at the hospital and enhance access to services for the population of Da Nang and surrounding provinces, the hospital requires more neonatal equipment, especially continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines, phototherapy and baby warmer units.

The grant would allow Da Nang Hospital for Women and Children to purchase five CPAP machines, three phototherapy and three baby warmer units. Funding would also be used towards training hospital staff to safely and effectively operate and maintain said equipment. This grant is being matched 1:1 from funding of local donors.

With more equipment and better trained doctors, nurses and technical staff, the hospital expects to accommodate patients and save the lives of more infants in Da Nang and the surrounding area. This will enhance the outcome of care, reduce infant morbidity and mortality in Da Nang, in particular, and Central Vietnam, in general.