LGBT Awareness


Center for Community Health Research and Development


Reprinting and Dissemination of "Finding Ourselves" – A Photo Book in Support of the LGBT Community

Grant Amount:

$9,000 (VND 187,000,000)

Despite recent gains for the LGBT community in Viet Nam with media exposure, prominent and positive events, and support from the public and government, negative laws or lack thereof continue to create stigma and discrimination in a broad range of areas from education, employment, to health care and other social engagements.

As part of the “Research to Prevention” project headed by Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, Center for Community Health Research and Development (CCRD) carried out research on “Alcohol Abuse, Stigma and Sexual Risks: Triple Burden among MSM in Hanoi, Vietnam”. The research resulted in a photo book promoting HIV/AIDS prevention and reduction of stigma and discriminations that may lead to other risk behaviors.

The photo book, Finding Ourselves, has been well received by the Vietnamese LGBT community, the media, HIV technical agencies, government AIDS agencies and international readers and scholars. Given the success of the first edition, CCRD, with support from RHE, has partnered with Safe Living to further revise the photo book, print additional copies and distribute them to a wider network of LGBT individuals and advocates.

In January 2015, the Vietnamese government lifted the ban on same-sex marriage – a significant win for the LGBT community and civil society organizations supporting them. Although same-sex marriages are not fully recognized on par with traditional marriage, this is a great step in the right direction for Viet Nam.