About RHE

Our Mission

is to promote equity in health for the disadvantaged and vulnerable populations of Southeast Asia.

Our Story

Resources for Health Equity (RHE) was established by Dr. Phuong Nhan Le in 2013. We are a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to securing the fundamental rights to health and promoting equity for all people, especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in Southeast Asia.

The staff of RHE together possess over 30 years of experience of working with government, policymakers, community-based organizations and the philanthropic sector in Southeast Asia, and Vietnam in particular, to promote health and transform health systems to address the current health inequities that still exist throughout the region. We believe that various social factors affect health and result in equity, and that if there is no biological reason for the systemic differences in health outcomes among countries and population groups then they need not exist and can be addressed. The best health outcomes are achieved through systems that emphasize quality primary health care based on principles of equity, health promotion and disease prevention.

We firmly believe building local capacity to address local health problems is the most meaningful and sustainable way to affect change. The organization and our staff are committed to using our resources to support community-based organizations and local leaders to fulfill this gap.

 RHE’s vision is to advance the fundamental rights to health and well being of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations in Southeast Asia.


Supporting key research in primary health care

Supporting key research for primary health care (PHC) development through better collaboration between academic centers and the community to establish, evaluate, and disseminate models of PHC innovation in training, service delivery, and access to care

Bridging resources with local needs

Bridging resources with local needs to build local capacity for community development through acting as local representatives for funders.

Consultancy services

Carrying out consultancy services on behalf of philanthropic foundations in the areas of grant monitoring, evaluation, knowledge dissemination, and grantee support.

Social enterprises

Investing in social enterprises that can have significant impact on addressing health inequities in the region.


Director / President
Mary McDonnell
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